Madrid & Barcelona for students: Get to know it through the bike!

Students living in Madrid and Barcelona:

Use the bike!

tips-student-barcelonaCollege times are probably the most exciting and fun phase of our lives and if you take the chance of embarking yourself on the rich adventure of studying abroad, you’ll surely have the chance of enjoying the benefits each city of the world has to offer.

Madrid and Barcelona are two of the most popular Spanish cities where students find their new home. Several accommodation options for foreign students can be found in these enchanting places full of history, architectural jewels and a wide variety of entertainment alternatives that you can combine with your academic life.

Flats are very popular among college students for accommodation in Madrid and Barcelona, whether they are enrolled on a whole university career or it’s only about an academic year/semester abroad and it has turned into a great life experience that most people wants to try.

Besides multiple accommodation offers and great touristic and recreational places, Madrid and Barcelona have also many options regarding means of transportation. A very complete subway network, buses, train systems work effectively, but if you want to really appreciate the beauty of these cities while you’re heading to your college campus, there is a much better option that is even offered as a public service: the bicycle.

Bicycle public service Barcelona

Bicycle public service Madrid

Madrid and Barcelona have great conditions for riding a bike securely and comfortably through the city, which is an excellent opportunity for taking advantage of the benefits of this fun activity.

First of all, it’s a cheap and simple exercise that most people can do, perfect for students with a limited budget. Even if you don’t own a bike and have to pay a fee for the use of the public bike service, it’s still an accessible way of moving through the city and get to places quickly while you enjoy a nice sight.

As of health, biking brings great benefits to your body as well as physical wellness since it’s a complete exercise that improves your cardiac rhythm while using a great variety of muscles and also lets you burn a bunch of calories in a short time.

And if this weren´t good enough, frequent pedaling has been proved to be a booster of the immune system, protecting your organism against bacteria. Another good thing biking brings is that it generates endorphins, hence, you feel happy as you get a great view of the city.

Both Madrid and Barcelona are very bike-friendly cities. There are quiet zones with low traffic that and also some bicycle lanes that you can use to go from your flat to any place you need to go and do it quickly, so you’ll be saving a lot of time.

As we said before, there are public bike services that you can find: BiciMAD in Madrid, which provides a clean and ecologic transportation system consisting of bikes with an electric aid that helps you with the effort needed.

More than 2000 bikes around the city with the necessary parking zones and multiple stations where you can find one or leave it after you’ve arrived to your destination. If you like, you can make an annual payment or just be an occasional user paying only for 1, 3 or 5 days each time.

Barcelona, on the other hand, has the Bicing service that offers both conventional and electric bikes, also with several stations and places to park them. You must take into account that this is not a renting service but an alternative way of transportation, and it’s meant to be used in short routes.

Bicing (Barcelona) works the same way as BiciMAD (Madrid) and also brings different payment options to take advantage of it. Both services can be combined with regular transportation means. Actually, they are designed for being a complementary way of mobility and encouraging people to care for the environment by using them.

Certainly, the nice weather helps a lot when you decide to ride a bike in the city. Well, Madrid is one of the best places for it because of its nice weather. It’s not a particularly rainy city, very appropriate for biking.

Barcelona, has also great conditions for a bike ride, and for outdoor sports in general because of its usually moderate weather.

Biking will be a very useful and healthy activity to do and it will help you cope up with stress, anxiety and any other situation that you will probably experience as a student.

But definitely, what you will find more enchanting as a student is the international and youthful atmosphere in these two cities, especially when you experience living in a flat and get to share with your roommates, creating friendship bonds and enjoying all the cultural and historical richness, so grab your bike and go for it!

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Madrid & Barcelona for students: Get to know it through the bike!
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