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A home away from home, rooms in Madrid, located in one of the most mesmerizing places to live!

You know what they said “If you don’t come to Plaza Mayor, you weren’t in Madrid.” The Plaza Mayor is located in the center of Madrid, in the Sol neighborhood, next to Calle Mayor and 300 meters from Puerta del Sol.
One of the most beautiful squares in Spain, going through the Plaza Mayor at any time of the day is very special. One of the first things you must do as tourist or if your first time is in Madrid, you must go to Plaza Mayor and go to the tourist office: you can find all the information in pamphlets with exhibitions, museums, public transportation etc… It´s an excellent way to start discovering Madrid, entering this tourist office, all the staff are very friendly and they have time to listen and advise you. Then if you want to do a small tour starting in the square, there are young people around the area with yellow umbrellas that make free tours.

Also Madrid is one the most chosen city for Erasmus, studying abroad in another country through an Erasmus, is the best experiences you can live in the university, It helps to learn, to growth especially from life, and of course also to have fun. Increible rooms in Madrid, especially so close to this area.

For some people it might be the first Erasmus experience they are enjoying, or maybe the second. Even if your second time doing an Erasmus, every experience is unique and special one. We understand that at Erasmusflat that when you are looking for rooms in Madrid, is hard to find a location. We guarantee you the best location, to be centric but still safe and sound; we want you to live among people like you: international young students from all over Europe and all over the world too, so you can get to know many people, make a lot of friends, luckily saving this friendship for a long time! One the most gratifying experience is to live abroad in the best rooms in Madrid.

Our apartments are located a couple steps from this fabulous square which goes back to medieval times, and has always been very important for commerce and society. Plaza Mayor is surrounded by cafes and souvenir shops and full of street merchants and borders or costumes with which you can take a picture, with Felipe II in the center that is the Plaza Mayor. Entering through one of its doors, crossing the Plaza, admiring it in all its splendor from the center and leaving through another of its doors will cause you to move to another time. Walk calmly through its portals and shops. If you have a little patience and time, you can find yourself somewhere in the square and admire the coming and going of local people and tourist groups.

We offer you an extraordinary location and the chance to meet many people; so many that you will lose the count!!! Staying in this great flatshare near Plaza Mayor, you will immerse yourself in the capital, learning very quickly how to navigate around and about the most interesting streets of Madrid.

We guarantee you a great experience, backed by, many years of history and by thousands of happy satisfied former customers who once were in your very same position.  Just explore this stunning rooms in Madrid, close to Plaza Mayor.

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