Student Accommodation Madrid - Puerta de Toledo

The best student accommodation Madrid close to Puerta de Toledo!

At Erasmusflat we believe it is a great experience to live in a shared flat in the center of Madrid. This city has so many things to offer you… Theatres, cinemas, shows, live music, millions of bars and terraces and many more plans. Madrid is a very fashionable city where you can have fun and explore Madrid’s nightlife. Choose your student accommodation Madrid with Erasmusflat. Stay here and you’ll have it easy.

If you are passionate about architecture, the beauty of buildings and the constructions and evolutions of cities, Madrid will be an inspiration for you. Did you know that the Puerta de Toledo was one of the old entrances to the city? You will be amazed at the beauty of this triumphal arch dedicated to national independence.

Madrid, a city full of things to see and do. As an inspiration and escape from everyday life, you can enjoy what is probably the most beautiful square in Madrid, with an impressive setting and beautiful views of the largest Royal Palace in Europe. Have a coffee on its sunny terraces, take a walk in its spacious park or contemplate the famous statues of the Visigoth Kings, those who formed the first kingdom in Spain. A dreamy student accommodation Madrid.

The truth is that these plans sound wonderful, however, that it would all be without the company of a family member, friend, companion or who knows, that special person who tickles your stomach and round your head … if friends, we mean love, something you do not know or when or where it could arrive. We are sure of one thing and that is that, if it happens in this beautiful square, nothing could go wrong because it is wrapped in a magical touch that makes anyone who passes by feel good.

Just a few steps from the Puerta de Toledo and the La Latina neighborhood, you will find this flat with 6 spacious rooms in Madrid. By sharing an apartment with other young people like you, you will have the opportunity to make new friends, learn different languages and count on people to help you every day, to go out with you to have a good time and become your second family during your stay in Madrid. Student accommodation Madrid so quiet, safe and easy to move.

At Erasmusflat we believe in the power of union and we think that when some young people get together and live together day after day, only experiences, ideas, moments and experiences can come out. Great relationships that will stay in your memory forever. Who knows? Your future business partner may be on this floor…

Did you know that the Toledo Gate was one of the main access routes to the city? It is now a triumphal arch in honor of King Ferdinand VII and commemorates Spanish independence after the occupation by the French…

Whatever it is, we love it and walking around is a great plan…terraces, shops and the wonderful Rastro market just a few steps from this  student accommodation Madrid. In this quiet area surrounded by greenery and a multitude of beautiful things to visit, you will be enchanted. A few steps from the Manzanares River, the Athens Park, the Visitillas Garden with its incredible views and the Royal Palace, this flat is great if you are looking for tranquility and to be in a good part of the city.

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