Flat Madrid Malasaña

Get lost in Malasaña, amazing flat Madrid!

Malasaña is a delightful neighborhood of Madrid where a lot of people with very different tastes is mixed. If we can describe area it would be like a wonderful oasis of fun, joy and culture, and unique neighborhood of Madrid.

There is everything for everyone, and it is worth immersing yourself in the festive atmosphere, during summer time there is an urban art marathon called “Pinta Malasaña” where Illustrators, graphic designers and studio painters, together with artists, will intervene in spaces given “unselfishly” by merchants and neighbors of Malasaña to “change the image” of the neighborhood in less than twenty-four hours. Also includes other interventions open to the public such as live art demonstrations, a photo contest, a collective graffiti of bollards or a treasure hunt for children and families. Could you imagine having a flat Madrid? 

The festival, which has been held since 2016, brings together an average of 30,000 people in each edition, according to the organizers, and has the support of the Madrid City Council.

Amazing opportunity to get to know Malasaña, to feel and enjoy the vibe of the funkiest of all where there are hundreds of bars with live music and very outgoing people. Malasaña is a charming neighborhood of Madrid with excellent premises and very affordable prices.  You must  experience this first hand in a flat in Madrid, especially in Malasaña.

One of the most remarkable festivities of Malasaña happens during May: “Fiesta del 2 de mayo” where the locals gather and celebrate with a cheerful spirit, local artist, unique markets. It is an experience that must be fulfilled in Madrid. Also this neighborhood has some delicious and affordable tapas, if you are looking to eat at good price, it’s the place to be; because they served me some generous tapas with which for very little money you can dine some fine tapas. Delicious place to share experiences with new people in a flat Madrid.

You must explore the beautiful flat Madrid with its buildings, its local cafeterias, where you can have a typical sandwich with Iberian ham with tomato, oil and slice of bread. Here you can find a variety of gastronomic places with typical products such as tapas, the famous oxtail, paellas, etc.; In addition to delicious typical desserts such as churros, nougat, cookies, etc. In its surroundings there are also many stores.

Do you know where the Malasaña starts and ends? It’s very simple to the south it borders the Gran Via, to the west with San Bernardo Street, to the north with Carranza and to the east with Fuencarral, where it joins Chueca neighborhood.

In the neighborhood of Malasaña there are some of the most desirable open spaces in the capital. They are usually very crowded and it´s very popular among the students, easy- going life of the big city pass through them at the same time. The rest of its streets are narrow and alive, some non-vehicular, perfect for wandering around. In the neighborhood of Malasaña there is a lot of cultural activity, to the point that the most advanced of the Madrid avant-garde is surely in its streets. Many of its shops are really original and there are no divisions outside this area.

If you are looking for Flat in Madrid, specifically looking to rent a room in the area, while you are studying, then go ahead and live in this splendid apartment located in this sophisticated lane. This apartment is located between the neighborhoods of Malasaña and San Bernardo and has great communication means to move wherever you want.

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