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Erasmusflat invites you to discover Madrid, the most visited city in Spain. Discover and enjoy the Spanish culture by their old and big buildings along with Gran Via street. Gran Via is the main street of Madrid city. It starts in Alcalá Street (the longest street of the city) and ends in Plaza España. You can find the best rooftop bars like Circulo de Bellas Artes and Gourmet Experience El Corte Inglés.

Drink a coffee at the top of El Corte Inglés, the most famous department stores; there you can see a beautiful view of downtown Madrid, Capitol building with its giant Schweppes sign that is an emblematic symbol of this Street.

If you want to be in the coolest area there is nothing like Chueca, one of the easiest going neighborhoods. Splendid student housing Madrid, surround yourself with diversity, good weather, delicious food and open-air and cultural events around. The square takes the name “Chueca” because of the famous composer Federico Chueca, well known for his zarzuelas compositions. Interesting right?

This area is currently known for diversity and human rights and its location is excellent, close to everything, in the heart of the city. Chueca is the ideal neighborhood for student housing Madrid, one the greatest place to live. If you are foodie lover you have to explore Mercado de San Anton, you must visit this beautiful and original market. Beautifully decorated, fall in love with the place, great variety of types of food, well organized, very good service and affordable prices if you are looking for a place to eat is a great option. On the top floor there is a bar with a terrace for drinks and a restaurant it is worth visiting. It is not as well-known as the San Miguel market, but it also has a lot of charm, the system is the same, you make queue to choose one or another tapas to taste, it is smaller but if you are lucky you can even sit down to eat everything delicious and very good deal.

Exploring the area you can discover interesting museums like Museum of Romanticism, an unknown treasure it is very well organized, with pieces of great value and very unique, also you can find some interesting paintings, and marvelous furniture. They replicate different rooms of the palaces of different time. The museum has an interesting shop and a cafeteria with a must-see garden as well.

In Chueca Plaza you can find several shops, local bars where you can have a delicious coffee in a terrace, or exploring peculiars stores where you can buy amazing shoes. Also in the Plaza you can find Labonata, place for delicious ice creams, homemade pastry, gelatos or amazing coffees.
An important aspect of Chueca, the iconic neighborhood becomes the epicenter of one of the most anticipated parties for all, the LGTBI Pride Festivals Madrid. The flags and garlands adorn the Chueca neighborhood, hosting numerous activities. This beautiful square, nothing could go wrong! Because this place is wrapped in a magical atmosphere that makes anyone who passes by feels good. Everyone is welcome.

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