Flat in Madrid - Argüelles

Great flat in Madrid Arguelles, ideal for international students

Stop looking where to stay in Madrid we have the perfect option for you. The best flat in Madrid, Arguelles is one the most chosen destination by Erasmus and local students.  The environment you breathe is young, wild and free.  Close to the area are the main schools and university residences.

The Barrio de Argüelles takes place on a narrow strip of land between Princesa Street and Parque del Oeste. It was built between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The neighborhood still has palaces in its streets such as the Infanta Isabel de Borbón and old asylums and convents, such as the Buen Suceso.

Exploring the area with a flat in Madrid, you can enjoy the stunning Parque del Oeste. Feel the breeze, the natural sunlight  and the colorful rose garden with its infinite range of roses, make this park an unavoidable visit as it passes through Madrid .Well cared for, it is a relax spot to escape from the busy capital and at the same time is close to everything. The Plaza España, the Palacio de Liria, Corte Ingles of Princesa.

A park well located very close to the center of Madrid, almost as bustling on the weekends that the weather is good as Gran Vía itself. Ideal for reading, picnicking and having a good day with friends outdoors. There are people running, musicians and local artist. Part of this wonderful neighborhood you can find a small piece of Egypt in Madrid. It was a gift from Egypt to Spain, located next to the Royal Palace, in the mountain park; it has spectacular an amazing sunset and night views. A place to walk and enjoy Madrid. Splendid opportunity flat in Madrid, with plenty of rooms waiting for you!

Lovely Casa Gallardo despite not being excessively known, this building is, together with the Royal Asturian Company of Mines, one of the survivors of the original buildings of the square. It is also one of the most beautiful examples of strict modernism in Madrid, along with the Longoria Palace (Fernando VI Street).

It happens like other Madrid buildings, which is covered by traffic and the narrowness of the sidewalks and  if you do not look up and with perspective, then one more buildings, even if it is of cultural interest. It is worth looking at it in the distance, observing the difference in colors between the dome and the facade and the almost baroque of its balconies, all full of ornaments, reliefs and realistic details. A nice picture flat in Madrid is the best, a truly local.

If you are looking for a movie theater with the original version you must go to Cine Renoir the spaces are small, but it looks and sounds really good from any area. The seats are comfortable, its location is very good (Plaza España), in the same square and it is surrounded by restaurants.

One the popular street in Madrid, Martín de los Heros. It is a street with many shops, including coffee shops, restaurants and some typical Spanish cafeterias. Amazing flat in Madrid in this wonderful neighborhood!

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