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Student flat Madrid, a city full of things to see and do!

Enjoy what is probably the best-looking square in Madrid, with a stunning atmosphere, overlooking the largest European Royal Palace. Enjoy having coffee on the sunny terrace or strolling through its large park and includes statues of the Visigoths Reyes, who formed the first kingdom in Spain. And the evening does not miss the best plays and operas at the Royal Theatre. Churches and monuments abound in the area.

Truth be told, all these plans always sound great, however, what would be of great journeys and adventures without the company of a family member, friend, partner, colleagues… or who knows, even that special person who makes your stomach tickle and your head spin around… Yes our friends, we are talking about love, something you do not know when or where might appear, but that we are sure is located in Madrid for you. We are also certain of something, and if it happens in this beautiful square, nothing could go wrong! Because this place is wrapped in a magical atmosphere that makes anyone who passes by feels good. Enjoy student flat Madrid, so much history.

If you are foodie lover there is a variety in the area of typical Spanish food. Also amazing terraces are opening up in the area with feel the vibe that makes you feel at home. One of the things that everyone notices is the decoration of the establishments.

Live close to the impressive palace, almost like Buckingham Palace and Versailles together and one of the largest in the world is not the official residence of the kings of Spain, but the place of great receptions and state visits, and events of the highest level. Built in the mid-eighteenth century, predominantly Baroque, it highlights its main scale, Sabatini, the hall of halberdiers, hall of mirrors, the magnificent throne room and of course, its impressive main facade from the Plaza de la Armería. With countless works by El Bosco, Rubens, or Caravaggio, among many others, and pieces of gold, rhinestones and porcelain of incalculable value. The Royal Armory is also essential. Of course, a must see.  Enjoy the student flat Madrid in spectacular surroundings.

The Segovia Viaduct is also known, as the Bailén Street Viaduct, is in the center of Madrid and very close to some of the most important tourist attractions in the city, such as the remains of the city wall, Cathedral of the Almudena, etc … You could say that it is a viaduct well known to Madrid, was built in order to prolong Bailén Street, which is located at the top and at the same time save the slope of Segovia Street And I say well known to the inhabitants of Madrid, for the suicides that have been happening here, since the 19th century.

Picture yourself living around amazing views, that´s quite the experience in student flat Madrid. Parque de las Vistillas located near the Barrio de La Latina and the Bailén Street Viaduct. Green Square for a walk or doing outdoor sports. There is a fountain; in the distance you can see the Almudena Cathedral.

La Almudena has the most beautiful catholic representations and an amazing and magnificent cupola. Plaza Gabriel Miro is a great and pleasant place to enjoy a good coffee chatting with your future buddies. It is a square situated behind the Royal Palace, another important and historical place to know. If you love art and audiovisual world, Royal Theater, well-known like Opera Theater is an excellent option.

Student flat Madrid, book now and meet Madrid!

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