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One of the most captivating, different, energetic neighborhoods. All our rooms for rent in Madrid are beautifully located, in the heart of the great city of Madrid. La Latina is one of the most emblematic neighborhoods. So why is called “La Latina”? In the area used to be a Hospital named “La Latina” very important, because it help the poor people, the name of the hospital came from her founder Beatriz Galindo, which her nickname was “La Latina” because she was the professor of Latin of the Queen Isabel I. Interesting right? Not even close of what people thought of.

This popular and charismatic neighborhood, explore La Latina is a neighborhood in Madrid that combines the traditional flavor with the modernity of being one of the neighborhoods where you can find more artists, it has a lot of atmosphere and very nice places where eat or drink something.  Plenty of cool  rooms Madrid are in this area.

La Latina is really well connected by public transport always. An interesting combination of squares, streets, houses of the most typical and charming Madrid, with trendy stores. Stores such a lovely vintage store so if you are looking for a very good deal, and if you are into fashion, this is the right place for you. Humana is a second hand store where you can buy affordable clothes one of the greatest things about it, is that you can also donate your old clothes and they give you discount.

One of the coolest thing about La Latina is the traditional Mercado de la Cebada is an indispensable place for any traveler; imagine how good it would be to live a few steps away from it. We love to offer you the best of Madrid.  Just the top of the cherry living close by, amazing rooms Madrid. 

While passing through the area you can purchase fresh vegetables like good tomatoes, cheeses and fruits for your home. On Saturday you can enjoy delicious seafood shrimps, squid, and octopus in Spanish way. Also tapas that some places offer to eat for a reasonable price you make yourself a fine snack among beautiful and friendly people. Discover the vivid market go upstairs and downstairs, joyful vibe a lot of great stores around cut of meats, the smell of recently baked bread, and more. Much better than the tourist and famous San Miguel Market, this type of market give you the real essence of typical Market of the area.

La Latina streets are full peculiars and unique shop like: Hnos.Ortiz, or dulceria el Paco all kind of potato chips, veggies chips, seeds, all kind of nuts. Also some sweet treats with delicious flavor, forget about the diet, a little sweet won’t hurt nobody.

Every summer, the festivities of San Cayetano, San Lorenzo and the Virgen de la Paloma set the pace of life in the Madrid neighborhoods of the central district: Cascorro, Lavapiés and La Latina. Processions, concerts and festive parades make authentic live the streets of the capital, especially decorated for the occasion. Free tastings, traditional orchestras and their famous festival for young and old, residents and tourists to the streets and squares of the neighborhoods of one of the most popular areas of the city during the first half of August.

Stay with Erasmusflat and get to know incredible people. Because we only do the safest and coolest locations near downtown. Make your stay in Madrid easy! Because the rooms in Madrid are the best one.

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