share a flat, Madrid, Barcelona

Five reasons to share a flat with Erasmus

Throughout my life I have shared experiences with foreigners who in one way or another taught me to respect and value their culture, as well as to learn languages. In life you have to know how to value the opportunities that are given to you. In this case, Erasmus Flat offers the opportunity to share housing in Madrid or Barcelona with Erasmus students from all over the world. This Weill undoubtedly provide you with a unique and unforgettable experience that will make you meet friends from different countries and learn different languages. But in addition to these, there are other reasons:


  • To learn to live together and to know how to respect. Sharing a living space with people from other countries helps you to mature and grow as a person. It happened to me personally. In Madrid, Ireland and New York I have had to live with people from other countries. Through all these experiences I have learned a lot about myself. When I return to Spain I encountered people who had opinions about other nationalities or a team. I disagreed with. This happens a lot when people don´t explore outside their comfort zone.


  • Learn languages. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, sharing a flat with Erasmus students is an excellent opportunity to llearn languages. In my case, I studied my Erasmus in Dublin and once I finished my stay in Ireland, I offered to share flat with Irish colleagues who came to study in Madrid. This way I could continue practicing English. Instead of leaving my Erasmus experience in Ireland, I decided to bring it back to my country


  • Having friends from other countries can help us a lot in the future. And again I will explain a personal experience. In my stay in the United States I met a magnificent person from Mexico. That same person helped me get ahead and even offered me work at a major multinational company in DF, the capital of Mexico. These opportunities are not always easy to come by when you do not share your experiences and adventures with people from abroad. By doing this you create Contacts for life.


  • Visit other countries. The friendship that is forged with our foreign roommates is so strong that we end up visiting each other once our coexistence ends. Meeting people from all over opens doors to countries you thought you’d never visit.


  • Professional growth. Finally, I would highlight, from this coexistence with erasmus, the opportunity to grow professionally. learning languages, getting to know cultures and traveling allows you to grow professionally. And not only professionally, but also personally. It makes you a better person and a better friend.

I hope that with it, someday, if you are presented with the opportunity to share house with Erasmus that you decide to do it.