The objective of Erasmus Flat, a relocation company, is not only to provide accommodation for Erasmus students in Madrid or Barcelona. It´s also to create a good environment. We want the students to have an incredible and unique experience in Spain. Have so fun! Because of that the company organizes amazing activities. Precisely, in the month of September, at the beginning of the year, Erasmus Flat organized a Free Tour where international students were taken through the center of Madrid, acquiring knowledge about the importance and history of each monument. But not only that…they also enjoyed some tapitas.

During the walk, the boys had the opportunity to get to know each other. Erasmus Flat, with more than 10 years of experience working as accommodation service for Erasmus in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​understands that is hard to leave your hose for the first time. Thats why we organize cool activities! Guide tours, trips, games, cocktail etc.Erasmus Flat facilitates the relationship between students so that they can get adapt to Spain.

Free Tour in Madrid. We started at Puerta del Sol, where the kilometer cero of Madrid is. From there we walked to the Plaza Mayor, where all the erasmus took the opportunity to taste the classic sandwich of Calamares in one of those typical places that any tourist should go.

Next, we enjoyed some tapitas from Mercado de San Miguel. Chorizo, jamón, tortilla de patatas! Then we walked along Mayor street, where the students had the chance to learn about the history of the main streets in Palacio neighborhood. At the end of Mayor Street the super team reached the Cathedral of La Almudena. Whats a beautiful monument! They enjoyed it a lot. And we enjoyed with them!

Finally, these passionate students were taken to the Royal Palace area, where we decided to interview them to get their impressions. For us is good to know what the enjoyed more! What kind of activity they would like to have in the future. Please watch it!

Erasmus Flat is a great reference working as an accommodation company for Erasmus in Madrid and Barcelona. The students interviewed highlighted the fast and great communication they found when they contacted the company through social media channels and phone. Also, among other things, they highlighted the cleaning service in common areas and all the expenses included in the final price.