Throughout my stay in Barcelona, working together with the Erasmus Flat booking team, I have heard a lot of questions from students living in the rooms we offer in the city of Barcelona and who have little idea of the city. Today I wanted to share some basic tips:

  1. 1. Keep your belongings under constant surveillance. Dozens of people suffer from daily robberies in places such as La Ramblas or Plaza de Catalunya. Thieves take advantage of those tourists who walk around the city without paying attention to their surroundings. A few days ago it was my turn, without being a tourist. My bicycle was actually stolen from the location I left it even though it was locked with a padlock. I left it on a lamppost and in just five minutes it was gone. I consulted the security officer and he told me that thieves are able to remove the padlock in less than 30 seconds.
  2. Register in the network of Erasmus Student Network (ESN). An international non-profit organization that was founded precisely by exchange students, and aims at helping young people integrate better in Spain during their stay.
  3. Practice your Spanish. Since you have come to Spain, do not miss the opportunity to learn or practice your spanish. Try to meet Spaniards or at least other foreign students who speak Spanish. It would be a big mistake not to do. Although it might be more comfortable to be friend those that are from your country, try to expand your horizons by meeting people you would not normally meet in your country.
  4. Visit the Costa Brava and the rest of Spain. In summer the Costa Brava is an ideal place to visit. Their coves are beautiful, whether of stone or sand. My favorite ones are Begur or Llafranc. They are fantastic places to be able to rest and get out of the routine of the city. To go I recommend renting a car or going by bus. The purchase of tickets can be made by clicking here.

On the other hand, I recommend visiting cities like Madrid, Granada, Seville, Salamanca, San Sebastian or Santander. Spain has cities, with beaches or without beaches, which are worth seeing for its history and charm

  1. Participate in the activities proposed by Erasmus. The same Universities organize activities and events to facilitate the adaptation of the young people who are in Barcelona. I would recommend talking to the international students department of your university to be aware of the activities that serve to meet more people and have fun.