• A) The DNI of one of the parents, to include them as guarantors in the lease, they will be the ones who pay with their bank card. And the bank movements of the last three months, from the account of the card with which you will make the payments. OR, IN THE CASE OF BEING THE SAME CUSTOMER WHO PAYS
  • B) Bank movements of the last three months, of the account of the card with which he will make the payments.
  • If our Reservations Department considers it appropriate, they may request conditions A and B; or additional documentation.         
  • – Be of an age between 18 and 38.
  • – Accreditation of studies or job.
  • – To sign the rental agreement, the cohabitation rules and to make the payment of the deposit (to book), the first month of the rent (at your arrival) and 250 euros for administrative fee

Look for one of our Erasmus Student Accommodation in Madrid rooms to find one that suites you.

To book a room in a shared flat in Madrid or Barcelona it is necessary to pay 100 % of the deposit and 250 euros for administrative fee. As soon as we receive the money the room is already considered booked.

The deposit can be paid by credit card or through bank transference, make sure to do in advance to avoid problems at the arrival in Madrid.

  • – Minimum stay period (A): From September 1st, to December 31th at least or the 31st of January. For departures during January, only the days of stay will have to be paid.
  • – Minimum stay period (B): From January or February to June 30th or the 31st of July. For departures during July, only the days of stay will have to be paid.
  • – Minimum stay period (C): From 1st of July to 31st of August.

What is the amount of the deposit? The amount is equal to the monthly rent.

What is the purpose of the deposit?

The deposit has got two purposes: booking a room and guaranty of student accommodation payment.

The apartment must be left in the same situation as it was in the beginning. Because of this it is not allowed to pay the last months rent with the deposit.

Conditions to get back the deposit:

Erasmus Flat will be in charge for the return of the deposit, which will be returned once the following points have been fulfilled:

  • To have paid the entire rental payments and that there’s no consumption over the limits established by contract. If there’s any bill that goes beyond the limit established by the contract, the proportional part (dividing the overconsumption by the persons that live in the flat) will be deducted from the deposit.
  • To leave the room of the student accommodation in the same conditions as in the moment of the check in. All the elements of the room will be checked
  • The return of the keys.
  • The fulfill of the Erasmus Student Accommodation in Madrid rules of cohabitation.

When do I get my deposit?

At the end of the stay and after the verification of the above-mentioned points, the deposit will be returned through bank transfer within 60 days after the check-out of the flatshare. All the commissions from the bank transfer will be in charge of the customer.

What happens if I want to leave the room before the contract expires?

Regardless of whether a lease has been signed or not, once the first payment has been made, on cancellations, 100% of one month’s rent will be lost.

Madrid Student Housing Obligations

At the time you make the payment of the deposit, the room is definitely booked and we stop offering it to others.

The contract of renting a student accommodation concerns your principal residence in Spain.

The person staying in the room has the right to extend the contract. It has to be done one month before the contract expires, and the Erasmus Flat team must agree with it.

Termination of the contract

The contract expires at the end of the agreed period of stay.

If the person living in Madrid or Barcelona in a room for rent is unable to follow the obligations according to the contract, he/she should leave the room, and will lose the deposit.

When do I pay the rent?

The monthly rent is always paid in the beginning of the month, between the 1st and the 5th.
If someone is unable to pay the rent on time he/she should let the Erasmus Flat team know as early as possible. It is a penalty of 3% of the price of the rent, each day of delay in payment.

How to pay the months of arrival and leaving?

If a person arrives to the student accommodation when the month has already started, or leaves in the middle of the month (if it is indicated in the contract), he/she only has to pay for the days of stay, including the days of arrival and leaving. If it has not been indicated in the contract, the person has the pay for the full month.

The monthly rent includes the bills?

  • All the bills of the utilities are including in the price, except an over consumption.
  • In all the contract are established the quantity of the bills that are included in the price.
  • All of our flats have got wireless Internet, it is not necessary to pay this apart, it is always included in the rent.

How to pay the rent?

The rent shall be paid between the 1st and the 5th by Credit Card. The name of the person paying shall always be indicated.

The flat share is not a hostel, the housemates are therefore responsible of washing, cooking and cleaning themselves.

The housemates shall always make sure everything in the common areas is in order: the zinc always empty from plates and pots, the kitchen and living room always in order. The cleaning service does not include cleaning of the private rooms, neither doing the dishes nor taking out the garbage.

Erasmus Flat is always obliged to repair what might break in the flat, such as the kitchen equipment for example. If it has not been provoked by anyone staying in the flat (if so, the person responsible will be in charge of making sure that whatever is broken will be fixed).

The housemates are obliged to tell the Erasmus Flat team about faults and breakdown as early as possible. The reparation will be done as soon as possible. Let us know by email to Email.


Some advises to guarantee your safety during your stay in the flat

  • – Always keep the door locked, as well while being inside.
  • – Never open the door to stranger who rings the bell.

If someone tries to enter asking for someone working at Erasmus Flat, phone 638 48 71 71 (Also Whatsapp).

We remind you that the apartment for rent in Madrid or Barcelona of Erasmus Flat are all located in the center of the city and there might of course be robbers and thieves in the area, even though it is not common. This is no reason to be scared, just use your common sense and mistrust whatever unknown. To avoid problems always lock the door with the key, leaving or entering the house.

  • – In the case of smell of gas, open the windows, turn off the boiler and close the passing of gas with the key. If you do not know how to do it, immediately warn someone working at Erasmus Flat.
  • – Do not use candles, and do not leave the kitchen unattended while cooking.
  • – It is obligatory to turn off all your electrical devices if you are not in your room, such as computer, phone charger and heating.
  • – Never leave money or other things of value unattended in the house. The Erasmus Flat team is not responsible for lost things or thefts in the rooms. Nevertheless, every tenant has got its own key to its room. It is expected that the housemates show each other respect.
  • – Do not throw in the toilet what is not supposed to be thrown there (sanitary pads, papers, etc.)

ADVICE: Madrid, as any other big city, has also got problems with pickpockets. Be very careful in the Metro, and in the touristic areas.

The minimum stay to reserve will be 3 months. We only charge 1 month deposit for the same value of the price of the month without management fees. In case of breach of contract, you lose the deposit. The rental charges will be made at the beginning of each month, with the possibility of payment by bank transfer, bank account deposit or window or online payment directly from the web. space after comma EXPENSES INCLUDED

The rent of the room includes the community expenses, cleaning service, Wi-Fi, activities organized by the company. These expenses do not include excessive consumption by the tenants. Excessive consumption will be considered from invoices with amounts greater than : The Water Service € 45 / invoice (bi-monthly).

Electricity service € 180 / invoice (Bi-monthly) Gas service € 180 / invoice (Bi-monthly) In this case THE LESSOR MAY charge the LESSEE PART the amount that exceeds the amounts indicated, proportional to the number of people living in the shared apartment. Payments must be made on the dates stipulated in the contract. The lack or delay of a payment may lead to the expulsion of the tenant. Our reservation team will be available at all times to report the status of payments and will contact you with any tenant in case of need.


  • It is mandatory to respect the rest of the neighbors with total absence of noise, especially from 22:00 pm to 09:00 am.
  • It is forbidden to introduce third parties, guests, unless previously authorized by Erasmus Flat.There will be a 5€ fee per night / guest.
  • It is forbidden to do any kind of party.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to smoke both inside and outside the rooms.
  • It is forbidden to wear heels inside the entire house.
  • The consumption of any illegal drug is strictly prohibited.
  • It is mandatory to wash kitchen utensils immediately after use. It is prohibited to leave any type of waste in the kitchen after use.
  • It is mandatory to establish shifts to dispose of the trash and deposit it daily in the containers enabled in the public road for that purpose.
  • It is totally forbidden to leave any type of organic or inorganic waste in the bathrooms and kitchen.
  • It is mandatory to disconnect all electrical appliances when the tenant does not remain inside the room.
  • It is strictly forbidden to allow access to the student accommodation to any unknown person, regardless of whether they identify themselves as employees of a supply company or of the management company.
  • It is strictly PROHIBITED any work or alteration in the flat, as well as the entry of animals, sticking, nailing or hanging anything on the walls and any type of manipulation in the furniture of the house or room.



If someone of the housemates would fall very ill, the others have the obligation to call an ambulance (phone number 112). If it is not a very serious illness the Erasmus Flat team still trust the housemates to help taking care of whoever is ill, with medication and food for example.

To guarantee that everyone in the flat gets a good, fast Internet connection, we ask the housemates not to download big quantities of data of for example movies and series.

If someone has got problems with one of the housemates it is possible that some of the is unable to fulfill the part of the contract that treats the co-living (for example, does not clean, takes home strangers, etc.) In this case, the concerned housemate shall know that it is not his/hers fault, but the person unable to fulfill the obligations in the contract. The best way to solve the problem is to talk to the person, if necessary, also tell the Erasmus Flat team. It would be very unfair if someone would have to move because of someone else incapability.

Relation between the housemates and the Erasmus Flat team

The contract only concerns to room to rent, not the entire accommodation of the flat share, therefore the Erasmus Flat team has got the right to visit the common areas at any time. The visits are only made to show and rent out the empty rooms, or to improve or repair, something in the apartment.

At times mail will be sent to the flat that is addressed to the owner. The tenants should then keep it and hand it over to the Erasmus Flat team.

Relation with the neighbors

If the housemates are harmed or disturbed by the neighbors, they should preferably communicate with the Erasmus Flat team first. Same if any other problem comes up concerning the neighbors.


The Erasmus Flat team does not only offer housing, but also organizes trips and parties for everyone.
Any suggestions by the housemates can be sent to Email.


  • – It is advisable to air the rooms of the house every day.
  • – Pots and pans should be washed straight after using them; it is appropriate to use tools of wood while cooking.
  • – If the kitchen has got vitro, it should be cleaned with products suitable for it. Grease should always be cleaned off straight after using the kitchen. It is appropriate to use the right tools.
  • – Never leave the garbage in the house, always take it down to throw it.
  • – Do not throw things in the toilet that should not be thrown there, such as sanitary pads, paper, etc..

SUGGESTIONS TO IMPROVE THE CO-LIVING in this Erasmus Student Accommodation in Madrid

To be able to live together it is necessary follow some basic, concrete and realistic rules, make sure you are aware of them before moving in.

After cooking it is essential to clean everything that has been used, and to keep the kitchen in good order for the next coming person to use it.

Establish a routine among all the housemates to buy the common products, such as toilet roll, cleaning products, etc. Also have a schedule for throwing the rubbish, and make sure it is done EVERY DAY.

Respect the neighbors; it should be quiet from 22:00 till 09:00.

Few things are left to agree upon, important is to always keep a clear communication with the housemates. Treat each other with respect, and if a problem comes up, always talk to the person it concerns first of all.


If something breaks or any other problem comes up, it is essential to inform the Erasmus Flat team as soon as possible, email or phone +34 638 48 71 71 (Also Whatsapp)

Describe the breakdown as detailed as possible, the cause and at what time it happened. The team will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Office Erasmus Flat in Madrid


The Erasmus Flat team is always open to any suggestions from the flat mates, concerning the flats as well as other activities.

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