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Do you need help with your registration ?

Do you need help with your registration for the EMPADRONAMIENTO? As well as we could help you to find a flat, we can guide you on how to get this procedure done in record time. 

We organize and give all the authorized documentation ready for the day of your appointment, without any worries and 100% sure of your registration for your procedures in Madrid. 

Cost of this service: 19€

Late check-out

Feel free and comfortable making your move at the time you wish, without limite to leave your keys. Our Late check-out service allows you to stay in your room until 9pm on the day of your check-out. 

Cost of service: 17€
late chekout

Early check-in

Early check-in: Are you arriving early and need to get into your flat before 10 a.m.? We provide this convenient service so that you can arrive on time to rest from your long journey or to organize your day in advance. 

We offer you the delivery of the keys in your flat from 7 to 10 am, without any inconvenience or surprise. 

Service cost: 35€.

Lost keys?

Don’t worry, fortunately we can provide you a new set of keys so that you can return to your apartment. Come to the office for them whenever you want.

Cost of service: 50€
lost key

Key delivery in your flat

You arrive with a lot of luggage; do you want to avoid transfers? 

We can manage to give you the keys in your shared flat, without any problem. Look for comfort!

Service cost: 21€

Room cleaning service

We offer you our low cost room cleaning service, which includes: deep cleaning of the room, change of sheets and washing of the previous bed linen. Contact us and we will organize it from Monday to Saturday in the schedule of your preference.

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+34 638 487 171