Do you need Wilson to pack your luggage?

rooms in Madrid

Did you went to your country because of COVID-19 and you couldn’t take your suitcase with you?

Don’t worry, we will schedule a WhatsApp video call with Wilson and you can give him instructions to pack your suitcase.

Fill in the attached form and do not forget to detail the list of things that you consider very important and of value, tell us how you would like to pack them, so that Wilson is already prepared.

Wilson will make a video call for you, on the day and time that we agree, enter the room, ask you what things are of most value to you and carefully put them in the suitcase, following your instructions. It will throw away what you don’t need. He will take the suitcase to the office and wait for the carrier you choose to make the transport to your country. Once the carrier comes, we will take a photo of the collection voucher and send you a photo so that you have the carrier’s tracking number.

You must contract the transport, we only make your suitcase. You can  choose from one of this shipping companies:




Price of the suitcase pick-up and packing service only

1 suitcase


2 suitcases


3 suitcases


Please fill the form:

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